Sonrise in Africa Overview

An Overview of Son-rise in Africa

The Need?

God has abundantly blessed the ministries of ABWE around the world. Tens of thousands have come to know Christ as their Saviour, and thousands of churches have been established to the glory of God. The church-planting ministry of ABWE is committed to establishing churches led by national pastors. God has graciously enabled the mission to see this goal realized on most of the fields of the world. Yet, one of the pressing needs facing the churches in developing countries is Theological Education for national pastors. A local church is only as strong as its leadership. In order for churches to grow “in the stature of the fullness of Christ” and continue in effective church planting, and world missions, leadership training is critical.

How is ABWE Canada addressing these needs?

ABWE Canada is privileged to assist local churches in sending 50 plus missionaries around the world. Within the church planting efforts of these missionaries, various mission labours such as evangelism and discipleship, medical aid, construction assistance and disaster relief are carried on. Nevertheless, ABWE Canada has been uniquely equipped with most of its missionary family involved in some capacity with Theological Education. The International Theological Education ministries of ABWE Canada are presently active in 10 different locations around the world.


Earl and Kathi were originally appointed to the West African countries of Ghana and Togo in 2003. Earl prepared and taught modular courses in several locations in these countries while assisting in the writing of curriculum for the ABWE’s Baptist Academy of Theology which commenced operation in 2010. Earl’s present ‘international’ involvement in curriculum development and teaching is at the Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary in Bangalore, India and the Cameroon Biblical Seminary in Yaoundé, Cameroon.