Publications by Earl Cooper

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Pain of Mind: A Biblical Perspective of Depression. A Biblical Model for Counselling. Authored by Earl Cooper Ph.D.
Depression is the common cold of emotional struggle. The broad use of the term depression and the confusing and conflicting approaches to depression have created a need for a Biblical perspective of depression among the Christian community. This book addresses that need. ‘Pain of Mind’ presents a detailed study of The Biblical evidence of, and response to depression. By implementing the results of the study, pastors and Christian counselors can be more specific in giving Bible-based council with the comfort of define Biblical authority. Also, by providing clear Biblical direction for suffering believers confusion is addressed and steps for coping with depression are made clear. The study presents a model for counseling affirming the fact that scriptures have the answers for life. By providing Biblical tools, the study promotes the ministry of the body of Christ by addressing the emotional needs of its members.