Our Mission

International Focus
Since 2003 Kathi and Earl have been involved with ABWE in training national church leaders around the world. Working from his home base in Bracebridge, Ontario, Earl prepares Bible College and Seminary studies geared to the respective cultures. Together Earl and Kathi edit and revise these studies, prepare them in manual format along with post course study assignments, and Earl presents the courses in modular format to the nationals in various locations. Earl travels regularly, usually a month at a time, teaching these studies throughout the world. During his travels, he ministers in local national churches, provides counsel to students and pastors, and regularly presents church and pastor seminars on subjects such as Biblical Stewardship, Pastoral Leadership and Christian Counseling. Earl’s schedule regularly includes teaching at two schools in Cameroon, one school in India and periodically teaching trips to other countries such as Trinidad and Romania.

Canadian Focus
While preparing international studies in Canada Earl and Kathi represent the International Theological Education needs of ABWE Canada. They minister in local churches, Bible Colleges/ Seminaries, and Christian Camps, teaching and lecturing as they represent ABWE and the ITE needs.

Our goal for home ministry is to build the Body of Christ up in Canada while sharing the needs of the Body of Christ around the world. Our goal in overseas ministry is to pass on the riches of studying God’s Word to others. We can think of nothing more fulfilling than to help pastors teach others God’s Living Truth.

Mission Objectives
1.  To develop Bible College and Seminary Courses specific to the local culture around the world.

2. To teach these courses in developing countries in cooperation with ABWE associated schools around the world.

3. To assist in the co-ordination of the Theological Education needs throughout the ABWE ministry world.

4. To seek to recruit additional career missionary theological educators for developing countries by presenting the theological education needs of the Body of Christ around the world in churches and schools with a view to seeing God move hearts toward commitment to meeting the great need.

5. To develop a team of believers living in Canada who will share the burden of pastoral training in the world, by prayer and giving.